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Just Friends

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Just Friends

Nelle and John are walking the streets. Nelle asks what's been going on with John lately. He says it's nothing they need to talk about. Nelle says that they are a couple and that couples talk about things. John says that couples don't have to talk about everything. Nelle whines that she's uncomfortable with that statement. John stops Nelle, lowers her in her shoes and tells her that he loves her. He kisses her as Vonda begins to ruin one of my favorite songs. He puts her back up to her regular height. He walks off as Nelle looks down and gives an "I love my funny little man" smile.

Vonda ruins "You've Got a Friend" as we watch Billy and Sandy walk down the street. Georgia walks alone. Billy. Georgia. Billy morphing into Georgia. Blonde on Blonde action. Nelle and John walk arm-in-arm. Elaine and Ally walk with the giggles. Ally has her blue oven mitt shoved in her mouth. Elaine really is a friend, because she never makes Ally take that thing out of her mouth. Fade to black.

I begin sucking my fingers and shaking my head. I've officially seen too much of this show. No new episode for a couple of weeks, so everyone just wear some oven mitts and attempt to reverse feminism as much as possible. See ya.

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