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Just Friends

Renee tells Ally that she should take "bold steps." Ally says she should get what she deserves. "Right on," they make Renee say. Ally turns to walk into the elevator, but it's not there so she falls down the shaft and out of her dream. Just another scene where a woman is lowered from her position. Ally wakes up on a couch and her hair is everywhere. Ling counts to three and walks in. She says her penile psychic senses have gone off and she knows that Ally's love of her life is the funny little man. Ally plays dumb until Ling says that Nelle is her best friend and that Ally doesn't even know if she likes men. Ally insists that she does like men, which, if you remember correctly is why Ling and Ally didn't work out, but Ling pulls on Ally's leg and does that knee pit thing that I just don't understand. Ally gets aroused until she pulls her leg away. She starts to ask Ling where she learned it, but Ling asks her why she's doing all of this. Ally yells that she hasn't done anything, so she should just leave. There is a really dumb moment of Ally and Ling breathing fire at each other.

Billy and Richard are talking about Billy's divorce. Billy wants a team to represent him. Richard says they are here for him. Richard stops Elaine to say he loves her new look and to ask her if nuns are "getting action these days." Elaine very sweetly tells him to go to hell. Richard and Billy give the same head-tilt, perplexed-squint. Richard says he doesn't know if she was mad or if she thinks he'd like it there. Billy doesn't either. Richard pulls two cigars out of his pocket. They both sniff them and pop them into their mouths in sync with my eye-roll. Richard says that women are all nuts. Neither of them have a match. Wah-wah-wa-waaaahhhh.

Richard walks into Elaine in an office to ask her if she's upset with something he said. She says no. How many conversations in this episode have begun with the words, "What's wrong?" Like, all of them. He offers to find someone to talk to her in case she needs it. Elaine asks Richard to describe her in one word. He says, "Blonde." She asks for an adjective to describe her personality. He offers "fun." Regis asks if that's his final answer. "Smart." Elaine changes tactics and asks what he'd say if he was describing her to someone he was setting up on a date with her. "Oh, that's easy," Richard says. She asks what would it be. "Easy." Elaine is all teary. She says that men date her because they think she's easy. She tells him to spread (tee-hee) the word that she's not. Richard says that Elaine is "preaching to the choir" because he "loves sluts." Does anyone else find this whole plot odd? After she leaves Richard is upset because now Elaine is "changing" too.

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