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Ally's Lost, John's Found

Glenn knocks on Jenny's office door. She thanks him for the song. She had a nice birthday. And how did everything go with Ray? Jenny calls Ray "a dink" because he thinks Glenn still loves Jenny. Jenny says there aren't a lot of "let's be friends" songs. Not in Elvis's repertoire, maybe. But has Glenn scanned Dionne Warwick's catalogue? You'd find some material there. Anyway, Glenn still loves Jenny, so would she take him back? She'll think about it. Okay, she's thought about it. She will. Yay! If you ever cared, that is. I think the majority of people on the boards would rather Glenn stay single, or, you know, be their boyfriend. But DEK doesn't care what the people want, does he? Ally, eavesdropping outside, is...I can't tell. Disappointed? Happy? Oh, who cares how Ally feels.

Corretta and Fish learn that the man who wanted to marry the gold-digger is in fact a cop, setting up a sting to bring the gold-digger down. What? So, to prove the gold-digger is in fact a gold-digger, the cop fought to have a court order revoked that prevented the gold-digger from digging herself a little gold? I know. So, the gold-digger is on her way to the airport, ready to take off with the huge diamond ring. She'll be arrested when she tries to board an airplane. Richard is all, "So you don't love each other? I wasted all that emotion in court!" Why do the offices of Cage and Fish need to know about this sting? Oh right -- dramedy. DEK. My bad. So, the doors open, and the gold-digger walks in. She's all, honey, why are you here? The housekeeper said you came here. Corretta is all, oh no. "Did the court reverse its ruling?" the gold-digger innocently asks. Corretta thinks the detective should explain himself, but he doesn't, so Corretta explains that he's an undercover agent working on a sting. The badge is flashed. The gold-digger is all, "Oh," and drops the huge honking ring, which makes a huge "thud" and dents the pile in the carpet. A sad oboe plays.

Elaine dances into Ally's office, wearing a cute but too-tight dark denim dress. "Did you hear! Glenn and Jenny got back together!" Then Ray comes in and puts his feet on her desk. "So, I guess you and I should go out." Ha. Ray says Elaine is cute, "in a slutty way." Nice and playful.

Corretta is consoling gold-digger in the Uni. "For the first time, I truly understand what I was." A heartbreaker, she means. She thinks she doesn't deserve love. Then, the toilet flushes and John emerges from a stall. They exchange hellos; then John asks Corretta to come out, because he's going to address the firm.

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