Ally McBeal
Love Is All Around

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Love Is All Around

A trail of clothes lead up to Ally's bedroom. She and JBJ snuggle, post-coitus. Wow, I've been spared! Thanks, DEK. My eyes thank you. Ally says she's "glad that's over with," and that now they can go back to being "normal." I still don't know what the fuck that means. She asks if they should just go to sleep now. He says it may be weird if Maddie finds him there in the morning. Ally rises to collect their clothes, strewn all over the house. He pulls Ally back to him, saying it was "nice." Oh no. She smiles. Vonda sings yet another song. They kiss. Ew, he's getting on top of her, but chastely and with no heat. The camera pulls away through the window. Pull away faster. Pull away faster!

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Ally McBeal




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