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Love Is All Around

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Love Is All Around

Corretta and Richard have a sit-down with Dame Edna and her Sweet Jerome. "A pre-what?" he asks. "Nup," says s/he. He blinks, upset. He thought they had a love like no other -- and now she wants to prepare for its failing? He blinks, but not cartoonishly, thank god. He pushes his chair away from the desk, and says he'll sign whatever. Aww. He's hurt.

Miss Bump steps off the elevator, looking for John. She has something personal to tell him. It's that she can no longer deny her sexual attraction to him. And since she can't deny it to herself, she won't deny it to him. She hopes this isn't distracting to him in court, and apologizes. He wrinkles his nose, and Nelle positively sneers at her. Miss Bump re-boards the elevator, sharing the car with none other than the sweet, despondent Jerome. He looks sad; she notices. Could she help? She's "good at helping people." He looks intrigued. Oh, no.

Matthew Perry pokes his head into Ally's office. He calls her "Al." Aw, my dad calls me Al. Shout-out? Nah. Matthew Perry apologizes; he's dated a single mom and it fell apart at the same point where Ally and JBJ are at the moment. So, "When a woman overcomplicates things, it hits a nerve." Dude, are you still trying to get a job? Don't lawyers have shit to do other than describe their fucked-up non-sex lives to each other? Ally feigns warmth and an apology, then lays into him. She isn't overcomplicating things: "This is complicated!" Ally doesn't know if she's falling for JBJ or falling for Maddie falling for JBJ. Is she pursuing her happiness or her daughter's happiness? Matthew Perry opens and closes his mouth like a fish, bored with her yammering. Ally waggles her finger back and forth and calls him a "dope." And adds, "Get OUT!" Matthew Perry says Ally should! get out! "After the fight, the girl always runs out!" Ally looks steamed. He slinks away, and says he'll see her. God, I hate this show. Let me put it in haiku form:

Stupid gender roles
Repackaged. Not "comedy."
Please write something else.

The court of Judge Albert Hall is in session. The guy who fired his female exec for being a bitch is on the stand. Nelle questions him. He sent her to the seminar to learn how to become "softer," so she would be "more liked," since some men complained about working for her. Did he ever send any men to such a seminar? No. Because he never got any complaints about them. Because it's okay for a man to be a tough boss, but not a woman? In a way. John sneaks looks at Miss Bump.

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