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Richard tells Ally to do her job, too. "You want me to argue that it's okay to evaluate somebody based on looks?" Ally asks him. Ling appears and replies, "What else is there?" Ally tells her to go pluck an eyebrow, or at least pencil one in. Ooh! PUT DOWN! Not. Ling says, "You know, Ally, back when you were attractive, you didn't mind being judged on looks alone," and I think, "Dang! I can't believe they're addressing her anorexia like that!" But then Ling says, "Funny how principle pops up with wrinkles," and I say, "Eh." Ally threatens Ling with physical violence. Richard tells them to settle it on the dance floor. Ally hits him. I wish I worked at Fish & Cage so that Ally could hit me, and then I could beat the crap out of her before calling the cops and then suing her.

Elaine slams Mark against the wall and explains to him that he must practice dancing with her so that she can win. She reminds us of the travesty that occurred last season when Ally beat her in the Tina Turner dance contest. Elaine says that she needs to win. Mark doesn't do much. I remember Ally's dancing in that other episode and run to puke. At this rate, I'll be beautiful and amazing in no time…

Melanie takes John to meet Mr. Bo, screaming at another homeless man on the way. Mr. Bo doesn't like John and he hasn't had a shower since Christmas. He's one of those gruff, ornery homeless men. Melanie is wearing a whole new flapper outfit, causing Mr. Bo to call her an angel. John agrees with him, pissing off Mr. Bo. Melanie gives Mr. Bo money and tells him that she's bringing the class to see him again. They leave. John comments on Mr. Bo's obvious dislike of him. Melanie blows it off. Mr. Bo was wearing a short purple cape. Oh, those wacky, wise, homeless people, right?

Back at Fish & Cage, John tells Richard how enraptured he is with Melanie's apartment. I'm guessing the sex wasn't worth remembering, then. Elaine accuses Richard of putting Mark on the Roth case so that he wouldn't have time to practice twisting. Richard asks her, "Are you really that dopey or do you just say silly things to go with your outfits?" Oh, man, that was cold. Mr. Bo appears out of nowhere, malevolently staring at John. John freaks out. Mr. Bo makes another scary face and disappears on the elevator. John asks Ling if she saw the homeless man. She replies negatively and sarcastically. Suddenly Melanie is there and John tells her what happened. John is afraid that Mr. Bo is after him. Melanie blows it off.

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