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Christmas: Now More Than Ever

Oh, Vonda, no. She says that the waaaeeether outsaaaaide is fraaaaiightful. But the faaaaa-re is sooo delaaaa-haaaighful. And since we've no place to gooo-oooh-woooah! Let it snow, to the third power. Malcolm knocks on Ally's door. Did she hear his dad got his job back? Yeah. And is it still supposed to be December 24th? Don't these people have families, or, you know, other things to do besides be in the freaking office? Guess not. Ally wants Malcolm to sing, for his dad and mom and for himself. Is that it? Yeah. Malcolm leaves. Merry Christmas.

Night. If we're to be believing in continuity, it's still Christmas Eve. The judge returns from chambers, "anxious to return to Whoville," says John. The judge agrees with John and finds for the plaintiff. Christmas parades for everybody! Hooray!

The bar's in full swing, which I guess is the office party. Vonda and Elaine sing side by side, about chestnuts and mistletoe and presents and grandma and all that other Christmas crap. Glenn and Jenny dance. Corretta, wearing a Marc Jacobs outfit (I think), listens to Fish natter on about how lame it is that Jenny's hot mom plans to be faithful to her new husband. Another aerial shot of Boston? Oh, it is the season to be merry, after all.

Ally's listening to Collar's midnight Mass address. He says that when his wife died, he felt "the soul of humanity had been murdered." Oh, dude! You're bringing everyone DOWN, man! Oh, but the "spirit truly is immortal." Oh, my bad. I should have let you finish. And, without further ado, heeeeere's Malcolm! Collar stands right behind him to get in the shot. Malcolm begins to sing, very beautifully, and with a little bit of echo. "Who can say for certain, maybe you're still here...your memory's still clear...." It's pretty, and Collar totally hams it up. "Are you gently sleeping, here inside my dream?" John marches in the town's Christmas parade. "You are miiiiiine! Forever, love! Watching me, from up above! And I believe that angels breathe. And that love will live on and never leave!" A man wipes his eyes, and the streets are filled with people marching with candles. Malcolm hits a note and the screen on my laptop grows blurry. I am not crying! I'm not! Ally is, though, and so is Collar. "A breath away's not far to where you are...I know you're there! A breath away's not far to where you are." Ally puts flowers on Collar's wife's grave. Sniff.

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