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Out In The Cold

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Out In The Cold

Sad sack Ally finds Louis waiting in her office. "Surprise!" says he. Aw. He's brought five peach roses. "You have a paranoid personality disorder, Louis," Ally monotones at him. She checked with the police and found out that Louis has filed seventy-three complaints about people trying to kill him. "You live on the streets," Ally tells him. "Did you steal these clothes?" Louis admits that he did. I think he has a knack for quickly stealing whole outfits that fit him so well, don't you? Ally asks why he hasn't gotten help. He says he took meds but they made him feel slower and dulled his senses. But after meeting Ally, he started taking them again. He knows he can be healthy...he just wasn't gonna do it for some stupid claims-adjuster job. But for Ally, he'll take the meds and get himself together. She makes him want to re-enter society. Poor guy. His life must have sucked pretty hard if Ally's the best thing he ever knew. He asks if they can still see each other. Ally doesn't think it'll work out. Louis mentions Ally's Al-Green hallucinations and says that he and Ally "get each other." Ally says, "Sorry, loser, but I only date psychos whose delusions involve big musical numbers. Take off." Actually, she tells him to let her get him some treatment. What, she's gonna hook him up with Dr. Tracy? Louis says he'd be happy to get treatment, but he's talking about their relationship. Ally's big moon-pie face says in close-up that she doesn't think it'll work out. Louis looks so hurt. He wants to know how many people can look inside Ally the way he can. She doesn't reply, so he just says okay, leaves the roses on her desk, and leaves. Ally sighs.

Judge Seymour thinks that the idea of boys renting dates is disgusting. He assumes that John had to take a moment when he first heard of it. Then he says there's no proof of prostitution and dismisses Ling with the "moral condemnation of the court." "Moral condemnation -- business will go up!" says Richard. Ling announces that she'd like to sue for malicious prosecution. Richard tells her to chill and they leave. John sits down. Nelle asks if he's coming with them. John says that never meant to hurt his children or Nelle. Nelle says she was probably being a little irrational. John says she wasn't and he's sorry. Nelle takes his hand. No one cares.

It's evening, it's snowing, and Ally's mooning in her office. Elaine comes in and tells her that she did the right thing. Elaine's wearing a skirt exactly like the red one Ally wore at the beginning of the episode. "I did? Not giving him a chance because he's homeless?" asks Ally. Elaine says, "Ally, this had no real chance. He's ill. You did the right thing." Ally thanks her. Elaine offers to buy her a drink at the bar. "No," says Ally, "I think I'm gonna head home down the snowy sidewalk while Vonda sings some crappy sad song." Elaine repeats that Ally had no other choice and then goes.

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