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Out In The Cold

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Out In The Cold

Ally walks home down the snowy sidewalk while Vonda sings some crappy sad song. Nelle and John walk home, and John stumbles over the curb. Ally smiles at strangers. Then she sees Louis at a trashcan bonfire with his homeless buddies. He's all dirty again, too. Ally gapes open-mouthed and then looks kind of happy as she turns and hurries the other way. "He couldn't have me, so he went back to the streets! He's rather be crazy than live without me! I'm so adorable! I'm the perfect modern woman!" she thinks, and her ego shoots its wad all over the inside of her coat and on the same red skirt that she was wearing the other day. The end.

Next week Ally has a dream about John and is therefore in love with him. Also, Georgia gives Billy the divorce papers. I know you can't wait.

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