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Over The Rainbow

When the rose petal turns to the Carefree ultra-thin feminine hygiene product, I have to smile. Nice camp, y'all.

Richard's saying the firm needs to be more formal. John's disagreeing. Richard says that none of the lawyers are really friends anyway. He wants to "run this place like a damned law firm" so that no one else gets hurt and they don't bust up any lousy marriages. John stalks off. I guess he doesn't want to give up having domestics with Nelle on company time.

Billy's telling Ally that Georgia won't answer her phone. He guesses that "after John's ambush --" John walks by and says, "Oh, bite me." Ally says "All right." The guys leave and Elaine walks up. She asks if she can accompany the others to court because it sounds so vicious and she doesn't want to miss out. Ally sarcastically tells her she may.

Tim's closing argument compares this suit to sexual harassment suits. He points out that none of the Fish-Cagers are in relationships, unless you count John and Nelle's, which involves "some form of corporal punishment." He says that their firm has the "integrity of a strip club." No one's romantic union could survive there. Blah blah. Here comes John, and I can just tell that he's going to say something about his childhood. Yep. When he was six or seven, he watched his father dress for a co-worker's funeral. His father didn't know the deceased well, even though they'd worked together for seventeen years. Oh, but John knows all about his co-workers. (Quick note -- I don't care. I'm just saying so, in case y'all were wondering.) He points to each of his constant companions and divulges things about them. He says that he loves Nelle and Ally. Richard and Ally are his best friends. Imagine...he gets to go to work every day with people...."I'm tickled," says His Honor. "Is there a point?" Heh. John's (sigh) point is that Richard Fish shouldn't apologize for the place he's created. Yes, they've all kissed and sucked on each other. They're kids. The partners are in their thirties, the associates in their twenties. Huh? Psych! I'm so sure, John. Retch -- we see the courtroom full of child actors hired to portray the Fish Cage Kids. Young Elaine has really big hair. John goes on and on about the impending divorce hurting everyone. He claims that he and the others "continue to adore" Georgia. Whatever. Lay off the rampant bullshit, John. He says they all know the firm's not to blame for what happened between her and Jerkwad.

The Fish Cage Crew waits in the hall. Elaine has her arm draped over Billy. Georgia walks up in not only the same jacket as before, but the same whole suit. "I know...this will sound stupid..." she says, "but when I left...not even a cake. Two years I worked with you, by you, going to the bar at night. When I left, you just padlocked my office so I couldn't take files. All that time I was just his wife." She indicates Billy. "Nuh-thuh, that isn't true, Georgia!" says Ally McAnnoying. "Is that what this is about?" Georgia responds, "None of you even call to say hi." Testify, girlfriend. Tim walks up and tells her the judge is back.

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