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Gimme A Break! I Sure Deserve It!

Ally, wearing John's coat around her shoulders, dishes about the wedding to John. She can't believe Jackie and Young Snake got married, with the open thing. Does Ally still believe in love? And is the little boy dead? Or did he just say she was killing him? John thinks Ally still has a chance.

Boston night sky. Nell's singing "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" in the bar. I guess it's Jackie's and Young Snake's wedding party. But who cares, right? Corretta and John make up, and go to dance. Jenny says tha "in times like these, [she] feels like our hearts are are most valued posessions." I can't say it enough: whatever. Ally leaves to go skating. You knew it was coming, people.

Ice-skating rink. Thank the lord, Vonda is not singing, playing music, or driving the Zamboni. It's kind of peaceful. Then, hell breaks loose, in the form of Mariah. She's singing about love, or something. Don't fucking ask me what song it is; I have no idea, and I don't want to know. She's a poision in our culture, and needs to stop. Ally skates around. How do you recap skating? Now, we're back in the bar. John and Corretta dance, while looking at Mariah, in her spotlight. Portia drinks her martini. Ally, or Ally's stunt double, skates. Spinning, spinning. I don't care; I'm still going to drink when I write these. I have to. Oh, the spinning.

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