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Prime Suspect

Ling goes into Nelle's office to tell her that Paul will be cleared. She also says that "the tubby one in the dress" hit on her. Nelle thought that, deep down, Matthew was a woman. "Well, deeper than that, there's a dumbstick," says Ling. Throughout this exchange, Nelle's too rude to quit typing on her laptop. Ling asks what she's up to. She says that Nelle has the Howland file, as well as the "Skinner file" which she "poached" from Richard. Nelle asks if Richard knows that she poached it. No, but Ling does. Again, Ling asks what Nelle's up to. She gets Nelle to say that "this place needs a few changes" and that she "need[s] power to make them." They smile conspiratorially. It's too bad they're just plain beautiful women and not adorably quirky like Ally, because then they wouldn't be evil, conniving whores.

Judge Walsh scolds Ally for "going undercover." She reveals that John and Richard are being detained because they fraudulently represented themselves as FBI agents. "You say you found killer lesbians," says the judge. "One was in the closet," Ally quips. Where's the rim shot? Gimme that rim shot, here! The prosecutor, Benny, and Paul are also in the room. The prosecutor recommends that the charges be dropped. "Dropped! Dropped!" says Paul. "Quiet! I don't like my courtroom being made into a mockery!" says Judge Walsh. "Nobody is making it into a mockery!" says Ally. I think she was supposed to be mocking the judge's accent, but I couldn't be sure because I didn't care enough. Judge Walsh tells her she and her associates caused a mockery to occur with their undercover work. He dismisses Paul without prejudice. The prosecutor apologizes to Paul. Paul hugs Ally. Ew.

It's night and Georgia's in her office. Billy walks in because he just happened to be walking by and he saw her lights on. She smiles. He smiles. "I have a brain tumor," he says. Georgia's teeth protrude. Fade to black.

Next week: His co-workers joke about Billy's tumor and Ally asks him if he's going to die.

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