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Pursuit Of Loneliness

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Pursuit Of Loneliness

It's the next day and we're forced to see Billy and Sandy again. She's handing him papers to sign and running off. He asks with a smirk if they're gonna talk about it. She'd rather not, because she thinks it was a mistake. Billy starts to demur. She stamps her (undoubtedly little) foot and says that she thinks it was a mistake. He asks why and she points out all the reasons she'd be the biggest idiot in the world to get involved with him. She asks if they can forget last night ever happened. Billy trades his smirk for a sad clown face and says he will. Sandy peels out. Billy continues to look sad.

In the courtroom, Richard confides in Ally and John that he has a fetish for lesbians, that the pioneer in him is attracted to uncharted territory. Ally tells him to quit his nonsense because she's nervous enough as it is. She's gasping and trembling as they discuss their strategy. Georgia's all smiles on the other side of the room. Everyone rises for the judges. The first one is very elderly. The second is a middle-aged woman. The third is -- guess who. Can you guess? It's the Honorable Hammond Dearing. Wow. What a surprise. These shocking entrances never get old, do they? Ally freaks, mouth agape. Judge Dearing immediately states for the record that he asked Ally out twice and she "twice dumped espresso roast" on his head. Well, was it cappuccino or espresso? I never drink the stuff, but I think there's a difference, isn't there? I'm just calling it coffee from now on.

Judge Dearing asks Georgia if she's okay with his sitting in this case. She's okay. Then he asks John & Co. Ally asks if he, Hammond, can be unbiased. He says that he can. John whispers to Ally that he's the most progressive judge on the case, so Ally says she's fine with his being there. Whatever. Ally, in her three- or four-inch heels, begins to argue that the lesbian defrauded her husband by not telling him that she was gay. Of course Judge Hammond starts shooting her down on every point like he's getting Georgia's salary. I guess it's revenge time. There's a lot of arguing about heterosexuality vs homosexuality as they concern lack of sex in a marriage. Ally starts choking and making herself look bad. She ends up sarcastically suggesting that they go out for coffee. She snaps at John. John's nose whistles. Judge Hammond sums up Ally's point for her: She believes a person has a legal obligation to disclose homosexual tendencies before getting married. Ally agrees with his paraphrase. He denies the motion to annul the marriage.

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