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Pursuit Of Loneliness

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Pursuit Of Loneliness

I prefer Milla Jovovich as a blonde and Sarah Michelle Gellar as a brunette. I just thought y'all would appreciate knowing that.

Ally's in her jail cell, dabbing her nose firmly with a tissue. Judge Hammond shows up with the guard and tells her that an apology will get her out. Ally apologizes thusly: "I'm deeply sorry you're such an ass." Ha. The guard lets Hammond into the cell and walks away. I guess that's not illegal or anything. Hammond and Ally snipe at each other. Ally asks about his coffee shop employment again. He says something ridiculous about connecting with the "people on the street." Ally asks why he sexually assaulted her with his kiss. Hammond says that she seemed vile and he still had a trace of the flu, so he thought he'd try to infect her. Ha, ha. More sniping. Then Hammond sentences Ally to community service -- at his coffee shop. His staff is out sick. Oh, sure. There's no way that's illegal, right? Ally refuses at first, but you can tell she's intrigued and interested in hooking up with this guy, now that he's abused her a little.

John sulks in his office. Nelle walks in because she thought he was going to meet her at the bar. She wants him to hurry because she's being "hit on left and right." John says, "Not by any janitors, I hope." Nelle asks what his problem is. "You're an elitist, Nelle," he tells her, all blunt-like. "And?" says Nelle. Oh, man. Her nasty striped turtleneck is a whole dress. John is bothered by her drawing of class distinctions. Nelle is unfazed. She prefers men with ambition. She doesn't see John "chasing after shoe-shine girls"...unless they're cute. She points out that John immediately gave her his respect because she was beautiful. She calls him a hypocrite, saying that men make class distinctions all the time, but with body parts. I can't really argue with her. She says judging by job titles makes more sense. John struggles on, saying that Nelle doesn't even know Sandy's name. Nelle says he wouldn't either, if she weren't so pretty. Word. I don't like snobs, but she ain't lying. Then she reminds him that they fell for each other's packaging -- why should they apologize for it? John has his angry face on. Without responding to any of her slams against him, he prissily states, "You should apologize for it." Nelle looks right into his goofy face and says, "Well, I don't." He stalks out. She repeats to herself that she doesn't. Way to stick to it, Nelle. Now break up with whiny John and do your hair like the cosmetician in Stigmata!

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