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The Oddball Parade

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The Oddball Parade

The oboe is hushing us into the verdict. The jury finds in favor of the defendant. John apologizes to the clients. They say that it's okay. John says he's proud to have fought along with them. He announces to the members of the court that there is going to be a victory parade outside the courthouse. The witnesses point out that there isn't a band. John says that they'll have to make their own music. He asks The Clapper to start clapping to a beat and stick with it. He tells everyone to move their arms in the air when they hear the music. So this doesn't seem like a completely insane scene they treat us to a Sousa version of Barry White so that these people are dancing to more than just one guy clapping.

Ally and Billy do the Ally walk in the street. Eventually the people in the courthouse get into the groove (of course) and they dance out into the street. They all dance out in front of the courthouse in the night and at one point they dance in front of some police officers. The police officers don't say anything, even though these people are clearly stopping traffic. John takes a donut from one police officer, takes a bite and gives it back. Disregard the completely stupid stereotype, I can't believe this police officer is all jokey about a total stranger taking a bite of his food. "Oh, I love me some guys that dance to one guy clapping." The dancing continues as we fade to black.

And with the end of February Sweeps I don't have to look at Calista's twitchy face for a few weeks. And that, my friends, is the best gift I've gotten all year.

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