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The Oddball Parade

The owner of the graphic-design store is now on the witness stand. He says that he liked all of the employees he fired, but as business grew he had to put the customers first. He says that children are afraid of Quiet Witness, that The Clapper's claps are disturbing. He says that Angry Redhead Lady is "obese" and that some people have prejudices against that and thinks she's lazy. He doesn't really need to explain S&S. He says that people thought they were a "halfway home." He says that he needs to be competitive and since it's his company he has the right to run it the way he chooses. John stands up and starts getting into the owner. He says that the owner is fostering bigotry by firing these people. He says that these people have fetishes and mental disorders. The owner says that he has to make sure his customers are comfortable and it's not about product, it's about selling. "Selling, selling, selling!" "Selling, selling, selling," The Clapper echoes. The judge is getting tired. Me too. Fourth beer's a charm.

The four witnesses are yelling at John for being so mean to their former boss. Richard calls the room to order and asks for a group hug. John breaks away with a "Balls." It's nice that we started off the season with the constant use of the word "penis" and now we've moved on to "balls." I think I'll keep watching until they start throwing around the word "taint." Richard excuses himself and John and asks him what's wrong. He says that John shouldn't have yelled at The Clapper. John apologizes for not having Richard's sensitivity. John says the case has him "fraught." Richard asks if he should close. John says no.

Veruca Salt's all grown up and complaining that she thought being a backup singer would mean she'd meet Tina Turner. "I won the contest! I should get to meet her!" Tina walks in, adjusts her hair and Ally is stunned. She tries to shake Tina's hand and say what an honor it is, but The Lady doesn't really have the time. She divas off while Ally is in mid-sentence. Hee.

The firm has a front row seat for the concert. They also have their own spotlight. Tina's spokesperson (the woman giving the rules earlier) leans down to Elaine and tells her that between the two of them she wants Elaine to know that she was the best dancer out there. It's just that Tina can't have someone showing her up like that. No one can be on stage who's better than The Lady. She says that Elaine was too good. Elaine is ecstatic. Tina's spokesperson stands up and gives a wink. Ling gives her an approving look back. Elaine is happy. Ling is happy. Tina's spokeswoman goes totally against her character to do something nice. Oh, whatever. I'm still smiling. I like Ling.

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