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The Pursuit Of Unhappiness

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In an office that looks like all the others, Gilbert Breen frets about the lack of trust he shows by filing a pre-nup. Jackson smooth talks him. Jackson's lavender tie is lame.

Ally and Julie the Fiancée walk into the F&C lobby, chatting about the fact that Julie and Gilbert have a love of skiing in common. How very interesting. Elaine walks up with a huge bouquet of roses that was obviously arranged by the same person who did the flowers that Ally got from George or Michael earlier this season. I recognize the style. Nice job, staff florist! Elaine wants Ally to hide the flowers for her. Mark walks up and assumes that the flowers are for Ally, from Larry. Larry walks in right on cue, holding a tissue to his chin in a chin-touching homage to his girlfriend. Elaine plays the whole thing off, fooling Mark for the moment.

Ally and Julie meet Gilbert and Jackson, and Jackson tells Julie that he's just going to draw up a "standard, boilerplate provision" of a pre-nuptial agreement. Ally purses her lips irritatingly and Larry's ears swivel towards the group. Then Ally butts in, saying that Julie needs representation of her own. She implies that the firm needs this precaution for ethical or liability reasons. Then she hauls Larry over and basically hires him on Julie's behalf. Jackson is annoyed. "Excuse me? Excuse me?" he says. Gilbert and Julie walk off innocently and snuggle in the elevator. "What the hell was that?" Jackson says. Ally dabs at Larry's chin and replies that she was just making sure things were "on the up-and-up." Where are your brave ethics when your friend John is abusing Nelle for everyone's amusement, Ally?

We're still in the lobby and Richard is upset to hear about Ally's intrusion on Jackson's case. Ally blows him off and goes over to confront Elaine. Mark walks up and asks if they're talking about the guy Elaine had dinner with the other night. Elaine denies the dinner with the guy. Mark says that a "buddy" of his saw the two of them. Small freaking world, huh? Elaine says that she was with Ally that night. Then she and Ally pretend to have cramps and leave. Whatever. Mark looks suspicious yet sort of sexy.

Courtroom. Thompson Daddy testifies that he hopes his company will make up its lost profits over time, when productivity picks up due to the positive changes he's made. Ling asks him how he feels about his son's backstabbery. "I'm devastated," Thompson Daddy smilingly replies. Ling acts charmed by his abnormal happiness, giving him tender smiles of her own. We learn that Thompson Mom has cancer, Thompson shipping has lost almost a million dollars, and that Thompson Dad is happy, anyway. I'm so freaking sick of cases pivoting on neurological disorders. If it ain't tics, it's boobs, I tell you.

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