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The Wedding

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Do a Little Dance, Kill a Little Baby

"It was the most amazing voice I've ever heard!" Ally says as she McBeals down the sidewalk with Malcolm. Her dress has a little matching slip built in under the slit and she carries a pashmina-looking shawl draped haphazardly around her arms. The whole effect is just nappy. She's like Grizzabella the Glamour Cat. Malcolm falls down again as they reach his door. Ally tells him that he'll meet somebody and so will she. He says that, until then, they'll sing "Goodnight, My Someone." Okay, whatever, Malcolm. Ally kisses his cheek and then McBeals down the rest of the sidewalk alone.

Vonda does her nightly caterwaul as Jane walks with Richard, wearing her sage-green gown and sage-lined-with- dark-orange wrap. They poke at each other like middle-schoolers in love. Ally walks and stares into space some more, Vonda moans "Goodnight!" several times, and that's the end.

Next week: the rerun season begins while Gwen eats Vietnamese food and shops for bargains. Y'all have a good summer, now, ya hear? Goodnight, my someones!

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