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Jingle Bells, This Show Smells

Ally and Renee get home and find Larry waiting for them in the dark. How frightening. Renee kisses Ally's cheek again and goes off to bed. Larry is wearing an orange sweatshirt and he's ready to sing. Ally suggests various carols and then they decide on "White Christmas." Don Henley...I mean, "Larry" sings the first verse and then we have to hear Ally. Then they duet. Then they hug. I still hate Ally, but surprisingly, I didn't feel like killing her this episode.

Next week: the slumber party's reprised so that Ling can rank on Ally for not having slept with Larry yet. The firm hosts a charity auction so that Ling and Nelle can cattily compete by auctioning themselves off. Elaine invents something called a Vibra, which involves scary fake breasts moving of their own volition. It's a good thing it's not my week to recap. Ha! Oh, wait -- it is my week. I'm the only recapper for this show. Damn...

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