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Hang Down Your Head and Cry

Still in their outfits but holding their sombreros, Heather and John walk down the "Boston" "streets." John calls Heather "a good singer." Ha ha ha. And where are Heather's husbands? "Busy." But she's happy to spend an evening with "Tom Dooley." She says she can relate to his hole, too. And would he like to have dinner, maybe? John says yeah, he would, but he has to say no. Because he's scared he'll fall in love with her. She says, "They say good things come in threes." He says her life isn't his life. And, after a sweet, sexless goodnight peck, she's off. But she lets him keep her hat, to remember her by. The door closes after her, and Vonda starts singing that "poor boy, you're bound to die" song. Poor show. You're going to die.

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