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Troubled Water

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Troubled Water

It's nighttime and we here some guy singing the pig song as Billy walks down the street. Who does he run into but Sandy his new assistant? She's "trying to walk off dinner." He invites her to have some coffee with him and she says okay because she doesn't care if her dinner companions spend the next hour or so wondering what the hell happened to her.

The guy sings the part of the song about the fish as Richard hurries through the sleet or drizzle or whatever to Whipper's place. She opens the door and he tells her, "I just prefer to swim in the shallow end, Whip. You can't drown." He asks why he should make a commitment when they never seem to work for the other people he knows. Whipper says she can't answer that for him and asks him if that's all he came to say. He smiles and nods, like he thinks she's gonna invite him in for sex or something. "That and uh...yeah," he finishes with no smile. Whipper whispers goodnight and closes the door on him. We get a big close-up of the scarring on Richard's neck as he makes his disappointed face and goes away.

Vonda wails about swinging on a star and we see Georgia ally mcbealing down her own sidewalk.

Back at their place, Ally tells Renee that her parents will be okay. Renee tells her that the turkey dinner went terribly. She says, "I think Richard is going back with the if you want to catch Ling on the rebound..." Ha! Ally says she'll pass, in her snug little Joan Jett t-shirt. Whatever, David E.K. That's not gonna make us like her any more. Renee goes off to bed in her tight, tight sweater and faux leopard skirt. Ally shows us her nappy, cut-off, capri-length chinos and her clogs as she walks to the piano. She plays and breathily sings "Dulcinea" while lamenting her daddy's leaving her for Georgia. Her daddy's hallucinated voice joins in, and then Vonda takes over while Ally sleeps on the couch for a while. Then she's sitting up and feeling sorry for herself some more as the show ends. UGH. Not a freaking moment too soon.

Next week the real Farrah Fawcett slaps and hits on Billy, Richard tells John he should have kids, and Georgia wears orange, tells Richard she quits, and considers getting it on with Ally's dad after all. I can't wait. I'll consider it my punishment for eating too much pie on Thursday.

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