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What I'll Never Do For Love Again

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Has the jury reached a verdict? They have. They find for the plaintiff: she gets $68,000, a year's severance pay. Fish Sr. is "thrilled," because it could have been a lot worse. Boy, it'd be nice to not care so much about having to shell out $68 grand. Fish Sr. chucks Liza under the chin, and she smacks his hand away. Richard offers his "Fishism: hire ugly assistants. Bygones." Now, will Fish Sr. need to hire a son again for his divorce? Well, here comes Mom. She says she was moved by Liza's closing, but not by anything Fish Sr. said. Fish Sr. asks to marry Mrs. Fish, again. You know, a renewal of their vows? And will Richard be the best man? Sure. They hug. Oh, jesus, are we going to have a million weddings in the finale? I'm going to need a million beers.

Elaine steps off the elevator and sees her cubicle filled with balloons. Nelle stands there, smiling. But Elaine didn't get the part! That's okay -- Nelle say Elaine "went for it," and she'll "always have that." Elaine looks sad, and says she "owes" Nelle.

Then, we abruptly segue into a scene with Liza and Richard walking down the street. She's all, "Owe me? For what?" Well, for the case. And, for another thing. He's falling in love with her. He's "starting to see inside those windows of [hers]." She calls a cab in a hurry. Then, with tears in her huge, beautiful eyes, turns and asks if he wants to get in. They smooch, and slowly fall into the cab. Vonda starts singing "What I Did For Love."

Elaine walks down the street with her balloons, happy, even though she didn't get it.

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