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Still at Fish & Cage, Nelle asks Ally if Larry's shown up for their meeting yet. Ally imagines biting off Nelle's head and spitting it out. Then she yells, "You're late!" at Larry, who's just walked off the elevator. Nelle winks at him, making a chiming sound. Ally drags him away. Ally's so cute when she's unwarrantedly possessive. No wonder men call her the most amazing woman on earth.

At their settlement meeting, Larry has Ally apologize to Kimmy. Ally does so very reluctantly. Then Larry agrees that Ally will pay Kimmy's attorney fees. He actually has several funny lines in this scene. I'm not going to transcribe them because, at this point, you're probably recording the show and then fast-forwarding through everything but his scenes, anyway. Instead of being relieved to get off with such a light settlement, Ally is upset like the little whiny baby she is. She yells at Larry. He remains calm. She says "Nelle and void" instead of "null and void." She says that he'll probably see Nelle that night. He says, "Actually, no. I'll be with her mother." She tells him to go. He says, "I don't want to go. I want you to ditch the father and son act. I'll declare Nelle void. We can have dinner tonight." "Done," says Ally. Okay, I was wrong. Robert Downey, Jr., is hot. He made that scene work with a costar who couldn't possibly inspire any chemistry at all. He is hot lust on a stick.

Ally voices-over the break-up for us, which we see and don't hear. She talks to Jonathan and Michael for a while at The Same Old Restaurant, and then they're gone forever. Then, at The Bar, Ally picks at her hair in front of Larry while Jeffrey Osborne and Vonda sing "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me." Then Larry and Ally dance. At another table, Ling rags on Nelle for getting dumped for Ally. Nelle tries to play it off. "I don't appreciate you bringing that candy-ass into this bar," says John. He says something about lawyers marking their territory. No one wants to hear his crap. Richard sprays himself with breath spray several times. Ally dances with Larry and makes her supposed-to-be-sexy faces. His face is impassive. Elaine and Renee watch them. CGI steam comes out of Elaine's nose. Ally and Larry do some fake flirty talk and then Ally tells him to shut up and puts her arms on his shoulders. They don't kiss, though. RDJ narrowly escaped that one.

Ally walks down the sidewalk and voice-overs, "The thing about walking alone -- it allows you to reflect on the day. And I couldn't wait to reflect on this one. But I guess that'll have to wait." Then the camera pulls back, and we see that Larry's walking with her. He's holding her hand and has his arm around her waist. I'm so sure. No... you know what? I blame Molly Ringwald for this.

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