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The bar. Ling "sings" her verse of the song with Elaine really belting it out in the wings. Ling does a good job lip-synching. Ally, in the audience, says Ling sounds a lot like Elaine. Vonda takes the next verse, and Dame Edna is all set to go next. Ooh, the "suspense." Nelle slinks out in a red dress, opens her mouth, and what sounds like Miss Piggy's voice comes out. Nelle looks to the wings and is shocked, but keeps going. Dame Edna needs to pick a key and stick with it. Oh, poor Nelle.

Ling follows Elaine up to the office to yell at her. Elaine should have called it off, she says. She didn't because Elaine wanted to sing. "This was supposed to be about helping Nelle!" Elaine says that the crowd loved it, adding, "Sorry for failing YOU," and leaves. Ling sighs as the elevator doors close. Richard comes up and says the audience did love it. She's all, "Checking to see if John called?" He says he's fine with or without John. He calls her a fraud for saying "the world has gone nice," because she came to check on him, and to help Nelle. "You care about the people you care about. Ling, you're a good friend." Aww, the bunnies, they are fuzzy!

Ally is trying to get the kids to settle down and go to sleep. Nice try. Ally leaves, and the giggling gets louder. By the kids, the KIDS are giggling. In the hall, JBJ says he got that wine she mentioned. "One glass" won't get them too hammered. Where's the joint, I want to know! Maddie pops out, asking what French kissing is. Quick, tell her! Ally stammers that "you touch tongues." Well, demonstrate on JBJ! Quick, hurry! Except Ally says no. Maddie sighs exasperatedly, and goes back into her bedroom. JBJ says it was good she didn't provide a demonstration. Now, how about that joint?

Ling and Richard walk the "Boston" "streets." Ling says she gets lonely on the bench all alone. And Richard shouldn't be a stranger. They kiss, and Ling giggles. Vonda starts singing, with a lap steel for accompaniment, "That's the Glory of Looooove."

Vonda continues to sing. JBJ slowly goes down...the stairs. He sees Ally snoozing on the couch, and covers her with a blanket. He kisses the top of her head. You snooze, you lose. Ally? You're a loser.

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