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Wilson Flips

Wilson walks Rosen through the car, telling him that there have recently been similar riots in Cleveland, Pittsburg, and Philadelphia, and he carps at Rosen to A) figure out if an Alpha's behind it; B) find them; and C) do it now. Rosen deals with Wilson's pushy rudeness by politely asking Wilson for help getting the surveillance tapes from the riot. And Wilson's on his way back to his government limo.

The CSI: NY guys seem finished with the car for now, so Rachel has it to herself, apparently having sneaked in. Going into synethsete mode, she soon collects what looks like a very stinky stuffed monkey. You can tell by the extra-thick smell-clouds coming off it when Rachel looks at it. I probably wouldn't mind bad smells so much if I only had to look at them.

Back at HQ, the team discusses how the rioters experienced after effects like when Nina pushes someone, but since she can't do a whole crowd, it must have been something different. Apropos of whatever, Rosen shows a video of some swarming ants attacking a scorpion, driven by pheromones, which is what he thinks the Alpha instigator used to set off the crowd. Rosen justifies the team's involvement to Cameron (who, as an ex-Marine, gives a dry "Hoo-rah.") Gary suddenly announces that Wilson's surveillance tape is coming through, but then the persistent hum (and everyone else's lack of sympathy) drives him from the room. Go, hum!

Cameron's in his office, bouncing pencils off the doorknob so they fly up and stick in the ceiling. Rosen needs to get him a computer, if only to minimize the property damage around here. Nina comes in to try and get him to stop pouting, for whatever reason, but all she accomplishes is to get him to miss with one of his pencils. Like that's hard.

Rachel pulls Rosen and Bill in to show them what she found on the surveillance tape: the stuffed monkey was attached to the back of a backpack on a young woman -- the woman from the opening, of course. They figure she's their Alpha and must be stopped! Any other show, I'd figure that was too easy. This show, it's only a possibility. So I suppose it's keeping us guessing in that sense, at least.

After the ads, Bill tells Rosen what they've found out about her so far: her name's Tracy Beaumont, age 17. Apparently she was taken to the hospital after the riot, but ducked out before the cops got around to talking to her. Cameron, whose job I'm starting to suspect is to make Bill seem cheerful by comparison, points out it might not even be her real name, but Bill's off to look. Or, rather, to tell Gary to look, via ATM cameras and shit. Gary would prefer to continue complaining about the hum. Rosen points out the time (Gary has to be in bed by 9:30) and as everyone scatters but is put "on call," Cameron asks if this is like a real job. "If it's any consolation, you now have an excellent health plan," Rosen points out. Always looking on the bright side, that guy.

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