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Wilson Flips

Nina finds Rachel staring out her office window, feeling guilty about how she didn't like Wilson's smell. Nina's just trying to forget the whole thing. Can't she just tell herself to do that? Rachel says she told her mom to shut her mouth and that she hated her and is moving out. "I'm glad something good came out of it," Nina says, but Rachel isn't amused. She says she'll be staying on her cousin's couch, until Nina offers to let Rachel stay with her. A super-bossy person living with someone with super-senses? What could go wrong?

Rosen calls a meeting in his office. "Here we go again," Rachel says. It's actually a group therapy session, but it quickly moves on to establish that even with Wilson gone, they're still going to be a group, probably with Agent Sullivan from last week taking over as their liaison. Rosen says Wilson's death is partially attributable to his not trusting them, and they're going to have to keep going after Alphas despite their lack of training. Gary starts talking about death, but is interrupted -- by the hum, naturally. "We caught Matthew, but no one has helped me with the humming. No one." Cameron, probably affected by Rosen's inspirational talk about the team, is the one who gets up and follows him. Up on the roof, Gary points out the microwave antenna on the adjacent building. Cameron takes out his baseball and bounces it off a few buildings before it knocks out the antenna. Gary's about as grateful as he gets, and Cameron invites him back inside to worry about the future. "I'm not worried," Gary says, leaving Cameron to unconvincingly tell himself, "Neither am I." What, has he seen the ratings?

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