Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure

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The surviving kidnapper and his victim are in a new apartment, and he's getting kind of chatty while he spreads plastic on the floor and explains that he can't let her go. He promises to make it painless for her, as long as she agrees to send him a message from the other side. You know, after she's dead. She sobs through her gag, but nods. Shouldn't an evil Alpha be showing up some time soon?

Bill and Cameron and Gary are still nowhere with the drop map, until Gary says something that reminds them that the route will take them past the bar where they picked up the phone and almost the kidnapper -- Fourth and Broadway. Bill gets on the phone to get lease agreements for a ten-block radius from there. Should be plenty of time to check them all!

Bill and Rachel are searching places, and fortunately they're only on the fourth one when Rachel smells decay and explosive thermite coming through the door. Fortunately Cameron's in the alley and able to parkour up to the fire escape so he can enter through the window. He does lose his footing for a second, but next thing we know he lets them in, the (presumably) disarmed bomb in his hand. Once inside, they find the dead kidnapper on the floor, but no live kidnapper or live girl. Bill figures that the bad guy must have known they were coming. He checks in with Gary, who reports that Sarah the bodyguard and Persky are on their way to the drop with the cash. However, Gary probably can't overhear their conversation, in which Sarah's asking Persky about the temptation involved with all that money. He answers blandly, but then he gets a text from Bill warning that the kidnappers have someone on the inside. Apparently Persky suddenly trusts Bill, because he pretends the text was from his wife, but Sarah -- who it turns out was the inside man all along -- is onto him and tases him. Lucky for her, he let her drive. Next she tases the GPS unit Gary was using to track them from the moving Alpha minivan, so Gary's effectively gone blind. Also, Sarah just ditched the FBI follow cars and their helicopter, which tells me the FBI can't really afford to be firing any remotely competent people at all. She texts the remaining kidnapper a very short message: "#." "Good news, it's almost over," he tells his victim. Just one good pounding away.

Luckily, Gary's able to track Persky's cell phone, and he sends Cameron on a merry spin through the streets. "Nice moves," Nina says from the back seat, making her presence on this outing known for the first time. Cameron says it's all in the reflexes. Are they still talking about last night? Luckily, they catch up with Sarah as she's dumping the car with the unconscious Persky in it. They're able to grab her before she can draw on Bill, and Nina Pushes her to tell them where the kidnapped girl is.

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