Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure

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Cut to Sarah walking into the new apartment, telling the remaining kidnapper, "Plans have changed, we have to move the girl." She's saying it robotically, almost as if she's under mind control. The kidnapper protests and even draws on her, but luckily for her, Bill bursts right through the damn wall and grabs him. He probably should have gone ahead and let him shoot her, because while he's grappling with that dude, Sarah's free to take a pot shot at Cameron when he walks in. But Cameron's so hyperkinetic he dodges the bullet, and bounces around the room while her next bullet pierces the IV back and a wall sconce before Cameron bounces back, grabs her gun arm, and twists her to the floor. Gary and Nina come in to help secure the scene and free the girl. I'm glad this show finally realized that nabbing the bad guy is supposed to be an actual dramatic moment.

Outside, the girl's being loaded into an ambulance. Her dad, Collier, thanks Bill and Gary, who's awkward about it, but then goes to wait in the van when Bill tells him to after a protest that trails off. Collier also offers to make a call to the FBI on Bill's behalf. Bill thanks him and steps over towards the other Feds, including a very uptight Persky. Bill apologizes and offers to let them take the credit, which confuses Persky, who thought Bill wanted back in. "So did I," Bill says. That's okay, we didn't.

Walking back to the minivan with Rosen, Bill tells the doctor what he said in a roundabout way, doing a really bad Rosen impression that includes the quavering voice and ends in "Blah blah" He invites Rosen to respond, but Rosen just says, "I'm a professional. I can gloat in private."

Back at home. Bill tells his wife that the FBI cut him loose. She's disappointed on his behalf, but it glad he's happy. Or, at least, he says he is, which with Bill you kind of have to take his word on it. Plus he's still lying to his wife, so everything's back to normal. Yay!

At HQ, Nina explains to Cameron that Kellerman was only looking into a financial scam her dead boyfriend was involved in and not his death at all. "All that worrying over nothing," Cameron says. She makes excuses for the other night, which he accepts, but asks her out for dinner some time. "Some time," Nina says. Maybe after sex.

Bill is in the van with Gary, praising him on what a good job he did, but Gary knows he's just stalling before letting Gary drive. Finally Bill switches seats and lets him drive. So the last image is of Bill's terror-stricken face as Gary hits the gas. Well, at least if they pancake into the side of a building Bill won't get killed by Gary's mom.

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