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An Alpha In Hand

By now it's dark, and Bill's on the phone to Agent Cley about picking up Kern. And he's also oblivious to whoever is in there with him, unseen. Well, mostly oblivious.

Cameron goes asks Rosen to back off him and Nina, and Rosen's refusing, as Cameron's and Nina's employer and psychiatrist (like that's not a big hairy conflict of interest), when Rachel awkwardly interrupts with some urgent findings from Kern's stuff. Cameron pouts out of the room so Rachel can tell Rosen that she looked inside some prenatal vitamins Kern was hawking and found live human DNA inside. Basically, mutation pills. Rachel suddenly smells blood, which they follow to Nina, who just has a nosebleed. Rachel's main concern is whether Nina was picking. The hell?

Rosen goes and visits Kern in his cell, although he's careful to sit outside the open door this time. After Kern diagnoses a minor heart issue of Rosen's (which Rosen was already aware of), he reminds Rosen that he's a doctor too. That allows Rosen to bring up the One-A-Day Plus DNA pills. Kern says he's concerned about the future. He brings up the anti-birth defect medication Red Flag targeted a few episodes ago, and says he's working on the "counter-agent." Rosen declines to answer Kern's question about whether anyone on his team can read minds, so Kern says he knows what's next: "Men with guns will whisk me away to some government facility. That would be a tragic, tragic error." Kern goes on to make some remarks in support of Red Flag, calling the terrorist parts of it "fringe elements." Kern claims he shares Rosen's goal of Alphas and humans coexisting in peace, and invites him to work with him, claiming that Red Flag might even let in non-Alphas someday. Rosen just offers to do what he can if Kern spills what he's up to, but Kern passes, saying he's sad for Rosen. "I'm not the one going to Binghamton," Rosen zings, closing the door. "What makes you think I am?" Kern responds. Uh, everything? So far, that is.

Rachel follows the invisible presence out into the hallway, looking curious, even as she can see the carpet being flattened in spots. She follows it all the way into the elevator, where she hangs out long enough to give whoever's invisibly stalking her plenty of time to grab her. Which, of course, they do.

Outside the Alpha cell, Cameron and Bill are discussing what horrible music they can subject the supersonically-sensitive Kern to when Bill notices that someone's snooping around in their computer system. More urgently, Nina comes in saying that Rachel's gone. Everyone starts looking for Rachel, and Gary has to struggle with "glitchy" security camera footage to find her, only coming up with a moment where she seemed to disappear from the cameras entirely. Nina finds blood on the carpet, and Cameron spots a crack in the wall over a doorframe. "Was it like this when we moved in?" he wonders urgently. Probably wouldn't be relevant to the plot if it were. Although, that's not a thick enough crack for someone to have stuffed Rachel through. Nina, maybe, but not Rachel.

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