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An Alpha In Hand

Nina's got Cameron bandaged up, and is about to get him some pain pills. "Addict," he reminds her. Then she helps him get his shirt back on and tries to deflect his arduous stare. He probably had a better chance before he put his shirt back on. Meanwhile, Rosen is still trying to calm down Gary, who's referring to their intruder as a "witch" who took his phone. "That's a word my mom uses when she's angry," he explains. "She uses another word, too." Bill is also discovering that as well as everyone's phones, the intruder also has his gun. Right on cue, five gunshots echo down the hallway from the direction of the Alpha-cell. And you can tell they're heroes by how they run toward the shots.

It's all over by the time they arrive. A shaken Kern looks out at them through the five marks in the side of the tank and observes, "Bulletproof glass. Excellent idea." Rosen shoos Gary back to the offices to work on overriding the locks, with Nina and Cameron as escorts, while Bill demands to know where "Blind Spot Girl" is. Kern says she tried to shoot him. "Or free you," Rosen says. Kern says this is no way to find common ground, so Bill demands a name. Kern gives them one: "Griffin," although it's probably an alias. "Red Flag considers her an unsanctioned variable." Meaning she's in it for the money rather than any kind of cause, which Kern has some unsolicited thoughts about. He repeats that he can help find her, but Bill and Rosen still aren't buying it. Waiting for another markdown, I guess.

While Gary's stumped by the blast doors, Cameron's doing a pull-up to search above the ceiling for Rachel, which is just what a guy with a sliced-open abdomen should be doing. Sure enough, he starts bleeding again. "Why do we always have to fight other people with abilities?" Gary carps. "It's annoying." Meanwhile, Rachel comes to in her ventilation duct with zip ties on her wrists and duct tape on her face, but even so it's not hard to tell she's not happy.

Bill meets Rosen in his office and takes off his jacket, prepping for a shot. Rosen therapy-speaks about how he'd hoped Bill would be given the chance to make his own decision in his own time, and Bill says that kind of talk used to make him cranky. "I'm afraid it will again," Rosen says, jabbing Bill with the needle. Rosen says it should start working right away. Meanwhile, Rachel is wiggling along the airshaft. Rosen puts Bill to work trying to lift one of the blast doors, but the super-strength isn't kicking in, even though Rosen insists the drugs should be. He accuses Bill of not really wanting to get it up, not really, and of course he means the blast door, but he sounds more like an insecure girlfriend. After goading Bill some more to keep trying and watching him strain himself a bit longer, Rosen calls him off and says they need to go on the offensive.

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