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An Alpha In Hand

So they all go to work trashing the place, squirting mustard and fire extinguishers everywhere on Rosen's theory that random, abstract colors will make it harder for Griffin to blend in. While they keep making a mess, throwing powdered creamer on the carpet (the best use it can be put to), Rosen stations Gary alone with a camera-equipped laptop next to a pillar in the middle of the lobby. Hard to see how that could go wrong. Soon the laptop camera captures running feet, and there are footprints in the creamer. There's confusion as everyone runs from one room to another, but everyone ends up locked in the MRI room -- except Gary, who's out there alone with her. I suddenly want to play chess with Dr. Rosen, for money. Bill tries to smash his way out, but Gary's got a plan to defend himself against the attacker: waving his DCIS badge around and ordering her to stop hiding. Well, that knife becomes visible again for a moment before the ads hit, but I don't think that's what Gary meant.

Apparently being invisible really slows you down, because Gary's still untouched for the whole commercial break and well after it, although that knife keeps darting in and out of the shot. Suddenly Rachel runs up from behind and clubs the attacker unconscious with the laptop. Turns out the invisible woman is much more visible when motionless and flat on her face.

Cut to later, when she's duct-taped to a chair as Rosen shows her to the two dots and asks how she does the same thing with, you know, herself. Griffin offers to show them in exchange for cutting her loose, but she's not dumb enough to have actually thought that would work. Rosen brings up the "unsanctioned variable" phrase Kern used, although she prefers the term "ronin," which instantly lands her in a category of my own, labeled "tool." She says she's been on Kern's trail for two weeks, and offers to just take him off their hands. Rosen says that's pretty much the opposite of what Kern said. Griffin brings up the cracks Cameron's been noticing, and Rachel looks around and notices even more, on walls, and support columns, and even in the security glass she's standing right next to. Griffin duhs that their "sonic Alpha" has been trying to break out since he woke up. Rosen asks who she's working for, but she's not saying anything beyond that it's someone interested in Kern's research. She's already got that off their computers, but she gets a bonus if she brings in Kern as well. "Let's just call a truce. You let me take him out of here, I get my fee, you get to live. We all win." Well, except Kern.

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