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An Alpha In Hand

The next morning, they're trying to straighten the place back up. You know, having Bill do his usual vending-machine wrangling while they ignore the great slabs of drywall that were shaken loose last night, and God only knows what kind of irreparable structural damage. The whole place should probably be condemned. Instead, Bill talks to Rosen about the context-free clue Stanton Parish, not knowing if it's a place, or a person, or a county in Louisiana where Harry Dean Stanton is desperately trying to get a Big Love/True Blood crossover series off the ground. Gary is all "I told you so" about the Dr. Evil stuff, and Bill just teases Gary about his idea for fighting Alphas from Gary's bedroom. Gary claims to be annoyed by the return of this version of Bill. "You're the old Bill again," he says. "You're damn right I am," Bill says, cracking open a stray soda. I don't know, he still seems less pissy, but that's okay.

Cameron finds Nina cleaning up her office, and is taking it as a sign of how much she likes him. She's still trying to deny it, but when he kisses her she seems receptive. Or she's afraid that if she pushes him away his wound will open up again and his spleen will spill out on her shoes.

Rachel finds Rosen surveying the damage in the room with the wreckage of the holding cell. Actually he's cleaning his glasses, probably because the room looks better with them off. "I don't care what Cley says. This was a bad idea," she declares, really going out on that limb. Cley's ideas usually are. Rosen gives Rachel props for saving everyone, and she says Griffin appears to have gotten away clean, probably with all the goods on Kern's vitamins. She asks him if things are going to get harder, and he just gives her a rueful grimace. Either that's a yes, or he's thinking back to that conversation with Bill when he was struggling with the blast door and couldn't get it up.

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