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Mother Necessity, Where Can You Be?

Cameron, Rachel, and Rosen have easily ascertained that Skylar was in Nina's apartment by the pile of microchips on the table (including the guts of the espresso machine that Rachel says she just figured out), and Bill says that Nina was seen leaving with Skylar in her car. Rosen says, "Let's go," although it's not clear how he knows where.

At the NSA building, Nina gets tired of being led at gunpoint and Pushes the guard into opening a door, waiting outside, and counting to a million. Inside the room is Bob, a supercomputer that can apparently track anyone on earth using satellites and people's bioelectric signature. Luckily there's a processing lag that allows Skylar to keep half a step ahead of her pursuers, although it won't be long before they catch up. They must only be able to track her when she isn't moving, because otherwise it seems like her Bob-ward trajectory would have been kind of a giveaway and there would be a small army waiting for her. She takes an electronic core that looks like a transparent Thermos full of blue lightning out of the machine and replaces it with another device that's counting down from ten minutes. That looks like it's a wrap for Bob.

It's completely dark when Gary finally gets out of the cab at Alpha HQ and tells the driver to wait while he heads inside. Of course no one's in the office because they're all out looking for Nina and Skylar, but Skylar's electronic bee gets his attention, with its traceable signals that he examines for a few seconds before getting an idea. He takes it back down to the cab and tells the driver, "Follow the bug." "The bug better have money, my friend," the cabbie says.

The Alphas have arrived at the NSA building and apparently have the run of the place. They've just finished putting out the smoking ruin of Bob, and Rosen's getting the call from Gary's mom that he ran away, when suddenly Cley stomps in looking pissed. Probably at how long it takes him to get anywhere. Cley tells them that Skylar stole the processor before melting the mainframe, and since her contacts with Z have increased (without Nina noticing, apparently), she must have something planned. "Apparently so," Rosen sighs defeatedly. Cley says, "Misjudged another patient, doc. Gotta work on that." These two do not have a healthy working relationship.

By morning, Nina and Skylar have reached a gas station in Waterville, Maine, and Skylar is being cagey with Nina about what's next. Nina actually Pushes her, but Skylar's only amused by the attempt because she's wearing modified contacts. "I came prepared," she grins. Just then Gary gets out of his cab with the electronic bee, which he used to track to Skylar's phone. He also asks Nina to pay the cab driver. "I don't have 812 dollars and 90 cents." Well, who does? He adds that Rosen's on his way, at which point Skylar starts rummaging in her bag. "This was a mistake," she says. "Thanks for helping." And with that she tosses a handful of metallic cubes into the camera, electrical arcs zapping between them. Uh-oh, she's rolling for initiative!

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