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Mother Necessity, Where Can You Be?

After the ads, Rosen and the others have caught up with Nina and Gary, who were apparently stunned. Skylar's obviously nowhere in sight. While Gary goes back to the bug Skylar continues to insist on leaving behind, Rosen is lecturing Nina about what he thinks her motives are, but she retorts that helping Skylar was the right thing to do and it felt good. "Maybe you should try it some time." Burn! The bee has shut down, but luckily, Skylar seems to have stolen some other traveler's car that has a convenient biodiesel fuel leak to help with the tracking.

Skylar drives her stolen Volvo up to a country house, where a gray-haired man who has obviously been expecting her comes out to meet her. Apparently Z is inside, upstairs. Before going in, Skylar releases a couple of bees from her satchel, presumably to set up a surveillance perimeter. The Alphas are closing in, following Rachel's nose to the house, where they all set up behind the shed while Rachel does an auditory recon and determines that there are three people inside. Bill suggests Nina sit things out, because of how Nina has kind of a conflict of interest going on and Bill's kind of a dick. Rosen gets off his phone and says Cley's on his way, but they can't wait. Gary will be the one guiding Cameron using the hovering security cameras, steering him through the gaps in coverage. With Gary's help, Cameron makes it in and parkours up to the second-story window and inside, because houses on TV never have screens. Luckily he accomplishes this just before the gray-haired dude cocks a shotgun at Gary and asks who he is. "I'm a secret agent," Gary says. Still not clear on the "secret" concept, though. Bill grabs the gun and the guy, and Nina steps in, Pushing him to come off of any information he might suddenly be in the mood to share. Inside, Cameron has found the one and only "Z," who of course turns out to be a little girl, busy coloring and scribbling and writing her name, Zoe on paper. "Are you looking for my mommy?" she asks Cameron calmly. I'm guessing that's probably the case with most of the people Zoe meets.

Cameron looks around the room, whose walls are plastered with complex mathematical diagrams that were nonetheless obviously executed by a child. It's like Good Will Hide & Seek in there. Skylar pops in out of nowhere, and Cameron keeps pointing the gun.

But soon, everyone's all friendly-like, sitting in the kitchen and marveling over Zoe's post-calculus mathematical genius, which, according to Skylar, goes back to at least age three. Skylar knows the NSA would never let her keep Zoe, so she parked her with Uncle Wesley. And as for that super-unbreakable code Skylar's been using? Zoe invented it. "She's a second-generation Alpha," Rosen says. Bill's obviously thinking about that conversation with his wife earlier, because I can't imagine why else he would be regarding another human being with the kind of interest he's currently directing at Zoe.

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