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Mother Necessity, Where Can You Be?

Outside, Nina finds Rosen staring out across the fields and ignoring a call from Sullivan. Nina asks who will be next if they let them take Zoe and Skylar. "It'd be nice if we could do exactly as we pleased, but life doesn't work like that," Rosen says. Nina stomps away like she lost the argument, but for now Rosen lets his phone keep ringing.

A black government SUV rolls up later anyway. When Cley and his team get out and head inside the house, Rosen intercepts him and says Skylar's gone, making up some lame lie about how Skylar distracted them all with one of her inventions. Cley gets in Rosen's face and threatens, "If you think I'm gonna let this slide, than you've really misjudged me too."

Gary's mom's on the phone reporting to Uncle Alan that Gary's fine when Gary himself comes in. She greets him lavishly, and Gary says he's going to keep working for Rosen. He reminds her that she wanted him to be happy. "I'm a secret agent now and I am happy," he says. Looks like that's settled, then.

At Alpha HQ, Sullivan looks over Rosen's report, which apparently has a few gaps in it. Rosen is unrepentant about the stink Cley's making at the DoD. "Well I guess that just leaves me in the middle," Sullivan snots. On her way out, she adds, "You know what the hardest part of my job is? Protecting your ass. And you don't make it any easier." Looks like he's not getting her into bed any time soon, after all. On the bright side, at least she stormed out before she spotted the line item on the expense for report an eight-hundred-dollar cab ride.

Rosen and Nina walk right up to Skylar at a park in Toronto, where she's watching Zoe play with what Rosen calls, "quantum physics and lollipops." Rosen tells Skylar their story worked, more or less (unless someone's tailing him and Nina right now, duh), and Skylar hands Nina a gift for Gary to make up for stunning him. It's just a regular phone with some extra features. "Press the right button six times, you get a direct line to me," Skylar tells Nina. Just what Gary always wanted. Rosen mentions "our agreement," and Skylar reaches into her ever-present satchel and hands over a black cloth bag which contains "pretty much the coolest thing I ever built." Rosen opens the bag, holds up the sparkly blue cylinder of Bob's brain and intones darkly, "With a few modifications I could find every Alpha on the planet." "Serve 'em up to your bosses on a platter," Skylar agrees bitterly. Rosen nods, then slowly walks over to a trash can and smashes the bag against the side of it before tossing it inside. "You're right, that felt good," he says to Nina. Bet it didn't to Skylar.

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