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Cut to Cley, who is on the phone to Rosen, boredly confirming that yep, there's a black chess king next to a big spray of lilies on a table in the building. Rosen says that Marcus has been there and may still be. Cley is actually happy to be pegged as the black king. "Let him come," he says. Rosen warns Cley, who hangs up and says, "From now on call me your highness. Let's wrap this up." Back at the office, Rosen grabs his coat, apparently unaware that Cley is listed on IMDb as being in at least four episodes.

Meanwhile, downtown, Cley heads out into the night and stands on the grassy plaza outside the building with his arms spread, calling out, "I'm waiting!" Because he's an idiot. Or because he's seen his IMDb listing.

Rosen, Sullivan, and the Alpha team show up at the building. Sullivan's a little disgusted with Cley's vainglorious display, but Cameron points out that Cley was wise to pick an open space with no moving objects for Marcus to work with. Rachel can also spot the snipers on the roof. Rosen doesn't think this'll work to catch Marcus, so they'll have to figure out where Marcus is. Bill takes Rachel and sends Nina and Cameron to fan out and search. Nina would rather fret to Rosen about this attitude toward Alphas and how "when things go wrong we assassinate them?" Rosen points out that Marcus killed people, but Nina says it's not what she singed up for. But she storms off anyway to join the search. "Understandable concerns," Rosen explains to a doubtful Sullivan.

Alphas and agents move around the perimeter. Bill spots a shadowy figure, but it flees and gets away. Rachel scans. "There's gas in the sewer," she says. Armored FBI agents find a pipe with a torn off valve, hissing away. Marcus is spotted again, and the agents start shooting into the gas-filled plaza. Sure enough, explosions start erupting out of sewer grates. Cameron saves Nina, and they almost clinch. Out in the plaza, Rosen is looking around at all the fiery mayhem when Marcus runs up behind him with a knife, grabs him, and says, "Checkmate." He drags him off into a government SUV, while Cley says, "Son of a bitch." Just lost his bishop. Oh, wait, wrong show.

Marcus is making Rosen drive, and Rosen's wondering why Marcus is doing this. "If I was your target you could have taken me any time." So maybe you still aren't a genius. The other Alphas are in pursuit, save Gary, who's back at the office so Rachel can call him and ask him to track the SUV Marcus took. Gary's got him on his mental traffic-cam uplink, and Bill's following his directions. Cley and his men are right behind.

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