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Marcus drags Rosen up to the bridge overlooking that selfsame outdoor chessboard, and forces him up against the railing. He rattles off some stats about how Rosen would hit the river below at about 70 MPH. Rosen admits he's scared, and Marcus says he's right to be. "Everyone is, no matter what side they're on." Rosen reminds Marcus that he broke the law, and Marcus says that what they're planning at Binghamton has nothing to do with that. "Singh was a casualty of war." He says he sees it all coming, but realizes that Rosen still doesn't. Rosen says he's trying. Which may be a mistake, because I think his sincere ignorance is the only thing keeping him alive. At least the pursuers are closing in. Marcus tells Rosen that the Alphas are an "out-of-context one saw us coming, so the response is instinctual. Panic. Violent." Rosen says it doesn't have to be that way, talking about Marcus's "gift." Marcus says that gift nearly got his head cut open, given how afraid Singh was. "And maybe he was right." Rosen insists that Marcus is better than this, and Marcus almost wistfully says he misses Rosen's ability to see how things can change even after the dominoes are already falling. "You're the variable," Marcus tells Rosen. "You still have one move left to make." What, falling? No, Marcus says, "Kick over the chessboard." The other Alphas roll up, just as Marcus planned, so they can see what happens. "This is the best possible outcome," Marcus says. "If I'm wrong, they'll take me alive." Cley and his men arrive, and right on cue, Marcus releases Rosen, spreads his arms, and drops the knife. Cley plugs Marcus anyway. Marcus topples off the bridge and hits the water. Rosen just shakes his head at Cley disgustedly, like, "Now we'll never find the body, and you know what that means on a show like this."

After the last ad break, it's the next day and Rosen and Sullivan are back on the scene, discussing how a body still hasn't been found. What did I say? Rosen asks Sullivan what she knows about "out of context" problems, and she mentions the Spanish and the Aztecs and the end of Apocalypto. She says that Marcus used the term "out-of-context" problem but says, "I think it would be a mistake to get into that kind of thinking. Us vs. them. It should be us and them. That's the only option." Yeah, good luck with that. Sullivan lamely hopes he's right, and leave his watching the marine patrol dredging the river. Cley refuses to call off the search, even after 18 hours. Maybe next time don't shoot the guy into the river, Nate.

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