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Murder by Broken Heart

Rachel's apparently leaving another message for her mom while the rest of the team convenes in a local diner for hearty small-town fare and less hearty banter, although Nina steals my line about the victims getting bored to death. Rosen gets things back on track by talking about the sheriff's unnaturally elevated levels of cortisol. "Makes sense, "Cameron says knowledgeably, but he's just fucking around until Rosen explains that cortisol is basically a stress hormone that, in high doses, can eat away at organs. And faces, apparently. Gary flashes his DCIS badge rudely at the solicitous server, who figures the presence of these "Feds" means something nefarious is up. After she leaves, Bill whips out the dossier on the football coach, who had a connection to four of the five victims. Rosen's at a loss for what to do next, not being a murder investigator. "I'm sure you don't think I just came here for the vacation, right?" Bill says. Well, if it would help him mellow out, who would argue?

The team repairs to the high school. Cameron and Gary wander the busy halls while Gary magically intercepts Facebook posts and e-mails, including some mean ones from the coach to a Dave Burton. Then Gary flashes his badge at some girls who were watching him Minority Report his hands in midair and yells at them to keep their eyes to themselves. That badge is undoing all of Rosen's work on Gary's social skills so fast.

Bill and Nina are interviewing the coach, who's getting pretty hotheaded about feeling accused until Nina Pushes him to chill out. "I'd like to see these fancy badges do that," Nina gloats to Bill, like this isn't the first time she's gotten to use her superpower since July.

Bill catches with Rosen in the still-teeming halls (apparently this school has no classes, which undercuts the death-by-stress theory) and updates him on where they are, which is pretty much nowhere, while Gary wanders the halls scanning social media on Dave Burton, the recipient of some of the coach's meaner e-mail. And who should he come upon but Dave Burton himself, pushing around a smaller kid! Totally different football player than the one in the opening scene, by the way. Gary interrupts, making the connection aloud that the killer and Dave (who's got a pale face and red circles under his eyes) both scare people. Dave calls Gary a retard, which Gary rather expertly corrects to "autistic," then says Dave shouldn't use that word, and then uses it on Dave. Three-nil, advantage: Gary. Gary also shares some rather snotty posts about Dave that he picked up from the aether, which doesn't make Dave -- or the other thugs who've joined him to menace Gary -- come over too friendly-like. Okay, Gary? Now is the time to flash the badge.

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