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Murder by Broken Heart

Over at the bereaved mom's house, Rachel tells her that they're still working on it. When David Burton's name comes up, the mom starts going on about how her late son was bullied, cyber- and otherwise. Now they have a little time to kill, so Rachel decides to hang out for a snack all friendly-like. Which makes it official: Rachel is the last person to realize Jessica's the Alpha.

Bill and Cameron check out the accident site, which doesn't seem to have any of the normal signs of an accident. Which, after Cameron replays the crash in his head, he declares it wasn't.

Back at the hospital, Dave appears to be stabilized. Dr. Calder is curious about how Rosen and his team figured it out, but he's not sharing, so she takes her leave. Thanks for playing, Lindsay Wagner! I'm still not watching you on Warehouse 13! Dave wakes up and wants Rosen to "tell her I'm sorry." That's all he gets to say before he's out again. Just then, Bill and Cameron call from the accident site, explaining that Chris's death was a suicide, caused by the bullying and covered up by the sheriff. So it looks like they have an Alpha, and they belatedly realize that Rachel's at her house. They could save a lot of effort solving these mysteries by just letting the most vulnerable members of the team wander around until they're alone with someone, and that's who it is.

Case in point, Rachel is currently opening up to Jessica about her super-senses, and what a burden they can be, especially where her unsupportive parents are concerned. She thinks even Rosen only cares about her Alpha abilities. "The only thing I'm good for is being a walking crime lab," she whines, like that's not really handy. Just then her cell phone rings with a call from Bill. She's about to get it when Jessica puts a supportive hand on her shoulder and says it can wait. "I'm here for you" she says, pulling her into a hug. Rachel glows orange all through it, and even after it, but this time she feels great. She's totally popped a Boehner.

Bill and Cameron show up at the house and walk right through the unlocked front door ("Small town," Cameron explains) into the apparently empty house. And calling Rachel's cell just lights it up where she left it on the coffee table.

Meanwhile, Jessica's driving Rachel through the woods while Rachel continues glowing and oversharing about her Alpha team and the persistently non-Alpha Dr. Rosen. Without any urgency whatsoever, Rachel idly asks where they're going. Jessica says they'll make one stop, "And then I'll need your help to get away." Which doesn't seem to set off any alarm bells in Rachel's glowing brain at all.

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