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Murder by Broken Heart

Rosen's driving while on the phone to Nina and Gary, the latter of whom is jammed by signal overload thanks to some Doppler radar interference. Rosen yammers to Nina about Rachel's current vulnerable state, which is enough time for Gary to wait out the Doppler jamming and track Jessica's cell phone. Now they just need to contact Bill and Cameron and dispatch them to intercept.

Rachel is still glowing and holding Jessica's hand as she asks Jessica why she killed those people. Jessica explains how she was able to transmit her love for her son to other people, which obviously didn't protect him, and tells the story of how she killed Dave Burton's dad for doing nothing about the bullying, just by comforting him and then cutting him off. Rachel tries to offer Rosen's help, but Jessica pulls her hand away, causing Rachel immediate pain. "If you help me, you'll feel better," Jessica promises.

Gary's guiding Bill and Cameron through a narrow wooded lane, hoping to lead them to cut off Jessica at the next intersection, but Bill goes off the road and breaks his axle, leaving them stranded out in the sticks. Bill declares, "I don't know about you, but I'm gonna run." He goes super-strength, which apparently includes super-speed. Handy, that.

Jessica realizes Rachel can see something she can't, and Rachel admits that Bill's coming. Jessica stops the car and pulls Rachel out, and begins killing her by breaking up with her like an angry three-year-old. "I don't love you. I want you to die," she says, pushing Rachel down and leaving her writhing on the ground while she drives away. By the time Bill gets there, Rachel's already suffering visible symptoms. As we know, all Alpha abilities have a downside, and obviously the downside of Rachel's super-senses is super-sensitivity.

Jessica's next stop is the football coach's house. He's very relieved to see her, saying he always feels better after they talk. But she tells him that he murdered her son, "And now I want you to spend your next few hours dying alone."

Cameron and Rosen arrive in Rosen's car with a shot of oxytocin for her. Unfortunately, the injection doesn't seem to be working, and she's still suffering mightily, her vision filled with red. Rosen tells her she's like a daughter to him, and that they all love her. Finally her red vision clears and she's all better, just like that. I would have thought these three would be pretty weak methadone.

It's getting dark as the coach pleads with Jessica, unwisely blaming her dead son for not being tough enough. Wrong thing to say. He asks her what he can do, and she invites him to burn in hell. Then she pushes him down so he can get started on that right away.

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