Original Sin

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Changing the Game
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Rachel's long-distance tracking Isaac Hale, that squinty-eyed killer Alpha from last week. Even on a busy street from blocks away, she can see that he's meeting up with a young woman who seems be using her fingertips as some kind of divining rod, leading Squinty purposefully through the crowds. Apparently the whole team with the exception of Gary (remotely guiding them from the office) and Bill (presumably dead from that heart attack that felled him at the end of the last episode) is out in the field, connected via walkie-talkies, and when Gary sends Dr. Rosen a real-time security-cam video feed of Squinty and Dowsy making their way through the neighborhood, Rosen makes the genius leap that she's an Alpha too. Well, he's the expert. Cameron, following Rachel with Nina, makes the even more impressive deduction that Dowsy's the tracker and Isaac's the killer. During this tense moment, Rachel exposits for no organic reason that Red Flag leaders have been disappearing all week, and Rosen responds that they need to keep eyes on Isaac but not engage. Which means there will shortly be some engaging.

Meanwhile, a ratty young woman in a hoodie and her seedy-looking boyfriend pass a pawn shop, where he tries to convince her to sell something for money. They're both looking rather strung out and in search of their next fix. She refuses, and soon they encounter Isaac, who's making his Alpha-fist as he says they have something of his. Suddenly a dramatic wind kicks up, pulling petals off all the nearby flower vendor displays as though there's a Dementor in the house. The young couple runs for it, only to get cornered in a blind alley. Isaac asks them not to make him kill them, because it makes him tired and cranky. And think about how they'll feel. Rachel overhears this from however many blocks away, and leads Nina and Cameron in a sprint to catch up. By the time they get there, Isaac has already delivered the young man's Death Of A Thousand Veins. Cameron leaps off a van, knocking Isaac over before he can kill the girl, but too late to save her boyfriend. Rosen arrives along with the rest of the team and recognizes the girl: "Danielle?" he quavers through the chain link fence. She doesn't seem happy to see him at all, to the point where she makes a break for it, via some exit that didn't exist a moment ago. Rosen quickly tells Nina to Push the girl, but when she tries, Danielle grabs Nina's wrists and debilitates her with glowy pulses of light from her hands, then runs away. Rosen sends Cameron and Rachel to go after Isaac while he chases the girl. Still crouching over his sort-of girlfriend, Cameron asks Rosen what's so special about Danielle. Well, she broke Nina for one thing, but Rosen has another bit of news before he takes off in pursuit: "She's my daughter." Figures.

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