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Changing the Game

Eventually, Rosen has his daughter back at the office to check her over, although he's still afraid to touch her. Apparently she's been using an anticonvulsant medication, among other things, to manage the symptoms of her Alpha ability. Rosen just happens to have some of the stuff handy, and prepares a shot for her, which he gives without avoiding touching her any more. Then he gets to the point, which is his curiosity about why a Red Flag assassin was after her. Danielle isn't too forthcoming, although she does remark on the disapproving look he's directing her way. While he's still trying to make that look go away, Agent Sullivan comes in and pulls him out of the room. She alerts him that they know that whatever Red Flag's planning, it's going down tomorrow at 7:00 AM. So be sure and remind Rosen closer to the deadline then, lady. Yes, she knows Danielle is Rosen's daughter, but she expects Rosen to get to work, and even when he tells her that Danielle could be a lead, Sullivan snaps at him, "Compartmentalize." Okay, then. So Rosen will need to think of the Sullivan he works with as completely separate from this total asshole who comes in and yells at him all the time.

Bill's trying to get off the phone with his worried wife while gulping down pills when Gary shows up with a fat printout on Stanton Parish. Turns out it's a guy after all, wanted by Interpol, deceased 7/3/1974. He was one of the original MK Ultra scientists and he also wrote a pro-Alpha manifesto, being a proto-Alpha himself, back before they were even called Alphas. Bill asks for more data, like there isn't a ream of paper in his hand. "I don't think I like hard work," Gary mutters as he heads back to his office. Well, nobody does when it's pointless.

Rosen is back to interrogating his daughter, who apparently is pretty bitter about the way Rosen used to treat her like a lab rat when she was a kid. She guilts him about the completely different way her boyfriend used to treat her when she was upset, "But then he loved me." "Well, I love you too," Rosen snaps irritably. Convinced by that for some reason, Danielle hands over a pouch that turns out to contain a necklace she stole, studded with what looks like rubies but are just glass. Or something. Pretty, though. Maybe Red Flag's big plan is to change its name to Red Necklace? That may sound minor, but trust me, rebranding can be a huge pain in the ass.

Gary follows a bright data stream to a greenhouse somewhere, where a large goon frisks him before letting him through to see... Anna. Remember, the leader of Red Flag who Gary made friends with weeks ago, and with whom he's apparently been corresponding ever since? She's using a handheld device to speak to him, and they have a happy little reunion before she gets down to business. After taking his hand in a friendly way, even though most people aren't allowed to touch him at all, she wants to know where Gary found a quote he sent her about society's acceptance being a prison disguised as a palace. Sounds like part of a manifesto, and Gary confirms that it was Stanton Parish, who he assumes is Anna's favorite writer, given their similar styles. Anna warns Gary to stay away from Stanton Parish, and Gary doesn't fail to notice her use of the present tense. Looking sad, Anna says it's time for Gary to go, and the goon drags him away protesting.

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