Original Sin

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Changing the Game

Soon, Sullivan and some of her Feds are in the office, confirming the intel and talking about the plan. Gary's mainly worried about his friend Anna getting hurt in the imminent raid. Sullivan says plan A is to use non-lethal force, but vows, "these terrorists will be neutralized" before making a big deal out of taking a cell phone call from a senator. Well, lah-di-dah. That leaves the rest of the team to worry about Gary and Anna, as Cameron offers to work with tactical and try to protect her. Bill says he's going in with Cameron and Nina, and when Rosen voices his concerns, Bill insists, "This is endgame. I'm in." Plus, if they're really using tear gas like Sullivan said, nobody will ask him who infarcted.

During final preparations to head out, Danielle comes to Rosen and says that if it's Red Flag's fault her boyfriend's dead, "I hope you get all of them." Rosen says something rueful about a "rosy future" someone once said he envisioned, and admits that she was right about the tea, and that he tried to use her ability to "save a marriage that I'd already ruined... I just wanted you to hear it." Well, mission accomplished.

Gary is on the phone to his mom, saying he's not coming home tonight because his friends need him and asking her not to cry. She'd probably be crying harder if she could see him half in his bulletproof vest right now. Bill shows up to hurry him along, which reminds Gary to tell his mom about the time Bill pushed him over. "Which was better than taking a bullet. I said don't cry."

Early morning. There's an old brick factory out in the country, with a suspicious number of large vehicles parked outside, like it's a daytime rave for soccer moms. Rachel's hidden behind the tall grass on the hill overlooking the building, watching as Anna's bodyguard gets out of an arriving car and looks around before opening the door to reveal Anna inside. Rachel announces to the team (Alphas and SWAT guys alike) that counting Anna and her two goons, that makes about 30 Red Flaggers. As Anna is carried toward the building, because a person who understands every language in the world with the resources of a nationwide organization at her command can't swing a wheelchair, Gary offers to go down and get them all to surrender, using his standard tactic of wearing people down. But Rosen insists he has to do as he's told. And Gary doesn't even take any wearing down on that.

Cameron and Nina are making some serious pre-battle banter, which Nina cuts off before the juju can get any worse. Rachel reports that Parish hasn't shown up yet, and a dozen or so other Red Flag leaders are also no-shows. Sounds like a set-up to me. Rachel's eavesdropping from up here on the unhappy Red Flaggers inside, but they're not arguing about the poor turnout; they're talking about going public.

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