Original Sin

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Changing the Game

Now Rosen's inside and at the head of a squad, looking for Gary. But Anna's bodyguard finds him first, and picks him up by the throat, because he's taking his time now that he's come across a main cast member. Nina comes running to the rescue, doffing her gas mask and Pushing the bodyguard to sleep. Which he does, but Gary runs off in the other direction as soon as he's free. The gas is getting thicker, but so are the agents. Gary's in somehow in the center of a mass of them when a knife comes whickering out of the fog in slow motion, killing the agent right in front of him. Hearing that a man is down, Sullivan gives the order to return fire, and machine guns start going off. Red Flaggers are going down, Gary is screaming for Anna, Bill takes a bullet to his vest, and while he's picking it out, the Alpha he was fighting earlier gets his hot little hands on Bill's face. Bill's fight-or-flight kicks in, and he flings his attacker across the room. Now Gary's running through the factory alone, and at last he finds Anna. She's even more limp than usual, and Gary discovers a bullet wound in her forehead. An agent tries to pull him away, and Gary loses it and starts beating the guy with his own baton. Pretty well, too. More Alphas are being shot down like dogs, and the agent Gary's beating up gets bored and is just about to shoot him when Rosen rushes up and pushes the gun aside at the last moment, crying, "He's one of ours!" The last of the Red Flaggers are shot down, and Gary crouches on the floor in Rosen's arms, screaming Anna's name. Well, that went well. Brunch, anyone?

Nothing left for it now but group therapy. Back at HQ, Gary is talking about the people who died, including Anna, who he thinks he could have saved if he'd had a gas mask. Nina says Gary doesn't know that, and Gary says nobody knows anything, including Rosen. "He pretends to know everything, but he doesn't." Rosen gets up and goes to the window, as Nina says she's not sure she can keep doing this. Rachel agrees, and Cameron points out, "We don't know what we're doing. I'm not sure if we ever did. Right now there is no 'this.'" Rosen insists that "this is a team," and they've done what they did for the right reasons. Bill starts to say something, only to be interrupted by Agent Sullivan, who wants to borrow Rosen for a moment. Again.

In the hallway, Sullivan insists that it's still a win, although he's not sure if it's a win for them or Stanton Parish. She offers him whatever he wants to go after Parish, up to and including more Alphas, counting his daughter if he wants. Rosen bristles at that, and Sullivan repeats that it was a success, because they crippled Red Flag and kept Alphas a secret. Assuming nobody ever gets curious about a government massacre in upstate New York, that is. "And that is a huge victory for you and your team," she insists. Rosen shortly thanks her, and Sullivan adds that the big bosses in DC are asking for his input on the next move. Cool, so Rosen can look forward to being ignored by much more powerful people!

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