Original Sin

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Changing the Game

Rosen's having Danielle over for dinner in his back yard, and she too is realizing that he doesn't know everything after all. Rosen's a little stung, but she says she likes him better this way. He makes a big wordy apology about how he never bothered to understand what it must be like to be her... but now he wants her to show him, using her ability. She tries to decline, but eventually takes his hand, and after what's clearly an intense emotional experience for him, he says he doesn't know what to say. "Then it worked," she says. Give the man a cup of chamomile.

Later at night, Rosen's doing laps in his pool when he suddenly looks up and sees a man in a three-piece suit standing over him. "Dr. Rosen? I'm Stanton Parish," says Stanton Parish.

Rosen climbs out of the pool as Parish assures him that Danielle's fine and he came alone. He asks Rosen what it's like to be living his dream. What, meeting an all-powerful archenemy while wearing a Speedo? Parish is unrepentant about his decision to purge Red Flag, saying that secrecy is best for both of them. Rosen isn't surprised to see that Parish's lack of empathy is his Alpha downside. "What else? You don't age, you probably don't get sick, I doubt you even sleep." Parish says he's beyond Alpha, in total control of his mind and body. "At the cost of your humanity," Rosen points out. Parish says he is the future of humanity. Rosen isn't buying what Parish is selling, which is, pretty much war between Alphas and humans. Parish insists that it's coming in the next two or three years, no matter what either of them does to prevent it. "You'll forgive me if I try," Rosen snaps, starting to walk away. Parish says Rosen is so close to understanding what he's been trying to figure out about Alphas ever since his daughter was a child. "I can get you there." And all he wants in return is Rosen's help with his plans. "I've helped you enough," Rosen says. Parish turns out to have another Alpha ability: knowing when his welcome is worn out.

We see Rosen and his team in the office at night, helping him get ready for his trip to DC and wishing him luck. Gary gives him a fancy pen. Nina even gives him a hug. While this goes on, we hear him VOing about how he started as a doctor, "treating a group of remarkable patients," and how that led him to Red Flag. He's been talking to a Senate subcommittee about how things led to the Highland Mills raid, and how Stanton Parish is still at large. One of the senators offers Rosen as may tactical teams as he wants, and turns to Sullivan to confirm that there's plenty of room left in Binghamton. Clicking that pen in his hand, Rosen warms to the subject of Binghamton: "A clandestine prison hospital, where Alphas are confined and subjected to experiments without any respect paid to their civil rights or their humanity. Binghamton is not the answer. Binghamton is part of the problem." The pen in his hand is transmitting his voice and image to Gary's Skylarphone, and Gary in turn is using it to forward the signal to... somewhere, as Rosen compares Red Flag to the government, saying they both rely on violence and secrecy. Well, that's not going to make him many friends in this room. He says that will only lead to war, so he's calling for an end to that, and full public disclosure. And he's not just calling for it, he's doing it -- because thanks to Gary's Skylarphone, he's appearing live on just about every video monitor in the country, including the Times Square Jumbotron. "Alphas exist," he days directly to the pen. "They are among us. They are our friends and our spouses. They are our sons and daughters." Sullivan, who's also seeing this live on her smartphone, goes and whispers to one of the Senators, who tries to shut it down. Parish, watching at home, smiles to himself, "This just got complicated." He looks pretty impressed. Sitting in front of him, a squeaky-clean and judicially-sober Danielle Rosen says, "I warned you." Rosen keeps going on until he's pulled away, replaced by the words "Signal lost."

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