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We Don't Need Another Heroes
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A stock boy is know, the grocery store when his phone rings. He tries to answer it, but it's just a weird tone and a text message with an address and the word "Rooftop," along with the time of 6:22. An old woman asks where the ice cream is and adds, "It's time to kill." He's too distracted by that to notice the sinister man in shades who just checked out. Luckily for our stock boy, 6:22 seems to be after he gets off work. On his way out, his boss offers him a replacement shift on Saturday and adds, "Time to kill? Pull the trigger." Obviously our guy is getting a little freaked out, but he still makes his way across what looks like Manhattan to that rooftop -- hearing and seeing the messages "Time to kill" and "Pull the trigger" from everyone he passes and everywhere he looks. Up on the rooftop (click, click, click), he finds a case under a pile of trash. The case, of course, holds a sniper rifle. Looking like he knows how to do it, but not why he's doing it, he preps the weapon, checks his watch, takes aim at a building on the next block, and...pulls the trigger. All seems according to plan, right?

A bearded David Strathairn is doing laps in his pool to the kind of guitar music that usually accompanies people in pools who aren't David Strathairn. He's got a visitor: Callum Keith Rennie from Battlestar Galactica and 24, looking uptight in a G-Man suit and complaining about all the alt-health crap cluttering Lee Rosen's kitchen (for that is the name of Strathairn's character, and much easier to type it is, too). The CKR character, Don, hands Rosen a Department of Defense folder, apparently wanting Lee and his "group" to do something about it. After more complaints about Lee's Speedo and his non-coffee, Don takes his grumpy leave.

Meanwhile, a brunette woman is being pulled over by a Jersey City motorcycle cop. He gives her the fastest ticket ever, but after she asks him to remove his shades, her voice gets all echoey as she tells him to eat the ticket, as well as the carbon. Which he does. For some reason she also asks if he's single, and after seeing his ring, she tells him to have a nice day. Cool, he has to have a nice day now!

According to the onscreen title that suddenly appears, this is "NINA." She has a DoD dossier as well, headed "Alphas Initiative" with "Overseer: Dr. Lee Rosen" and identifying her as a "patient" named Nina Theroux. "Diagnosis: Hyper Induction -- overrides willpower in others." And she's looking for a husband? How hard could it be for her?

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