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We Don't Need Another Heroes

MRI time again, but now it's Bill in the machine, and it looks like he'll be okay. Rachel tells Rosen that she will be too. Cut to Rosen in the break room, telling Bill there will be side effects for a few days, and some emotional blowback over the next few weeks. After he leaves the room, Nina comes in to ask how Bill is. "I heard you snuck one on me," he smirks. Back to normal.

It's daytime again, and Rosen finds Cameron watching his kid's Little League game from what looks like a court-ordered distance. Rosen shows up to provide him with a minute or two of therapy -- just a taste, understand -- saying that he and Cameron could help each other. Cameron's not really interested in working for the government again. Rosen gets that, and mildly points out, "You did murder a federal prisoner." Cameron says they both know he couldn't control that, but Rosen says not everyone will buy that. So even though he's being super nice about it, he's basically saying that Cameron has a choice between jail or joining the team. What do you know -- Mr. Nice Guy has a dark side.

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