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We Don't Need Another Heroes

From there, we go to a domestic scene with shirtless Malik Yoba. He's at home with his FBI agent wife (you can tell because the back of her t-shirt says FBI) as they discuss weekend plans -- which include his not being an FBI agent anymore -- and he's distracted by the search for his keys. Which she helps him find, just seconds before he was about to have an emotional meltdown. But when he finally makes it out the door, there's an SUV blocking his driveway. All that calm slips away as he makes a fist, the camera goes right into his brain, and he puts his shoulder against the back of the vehicle to slide it out of the way. This would be Bill Harken, whose diagnosis is "Enhanced Strength -- from flight or flight response." "You got a problem?" he asks the double-taking man who was just out walking his dog. I don't think the dog-walker is the one with the problem.

Another, younger brunette breezes through a laundry, asking a guy to hem her skirt and bantering with her dad on the way out. But then she pauses, the camera zooms in on her ear all old-school Bionic Woman, and she hears her father muttering about her low chances of getting a husband "with her condition." And according to the DoD dossier on the young woman, Rachel Pirzad, that condition is "Synesthesia -- ability to enhance senses." So you'd think her dad would be more careful about talking about her when she's around.

Back to another domestic scene. A young man named Gary is sitting at home while his tired-looking mom tries to communicate with him, but he's busy gesturing at the mental images surrounding him all Beautiful Mind. He appears to be channel-surfing without a TV. His mom calls him on it, and he switches to a mental image of a map that prompts him to say, "They're almost here." Sure enough, a horn sounds outside. This is Gary Bell, whose diagnosis is "Transduction -- able to see all electromagnetic wavelengths." And decode them, too, it seems. And be able to see them as clearly as if they were being projected on a screen. Handy, that. He also appears to be autistic. Anyway, he joins Rachel and Lee in the minivan waiting outside, where Lee, at the wheel, reassures his mom and even maybe flirts a bit before driving off to...the Bowlerama!

Okay, obviously it's the office building next to the Bowlerama, where the three of them split off. Gary heads to the break room, where he gets a little tense with Bill and Nina over his lunch that he's putting in the fridge. Bill teases him, because it's cool to tease people on the autism spectrum. Okay, it's not, which is going to make this gig a little tough for me.

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