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We Don't Need Another Heroes

Rosen calls them all into an early meeting and plays them a tape of a police interrogation. The screen goes blank and Gary offers to fix it in exchange for getting to drive (which his mom already said he can't). Without A/V, Rosen is forced to verbally explain. But we get A/V, in the form of a flashback to Rosen's buddy Don asking an orange-suited prisoner to explain some method he uses -- only to see a bullet-hole appear in the prisoner's forehead. Back to Rosen, who explains he was killed instantly. But this time, Gary has the video fixed, and the question is how a guy in a sealed room with one door and no windows was shot with a gun they can't find. So, it looks like it's time to hit the streets. And Gary's still not driving.

So there's a little bit where these superheroes fumble with the parking meter outside the station, and then Nina, Rachel, and Gary are face-to-face with the guard outside the interrogation room. Of course they're unofficial, so Nina has to go all Pusher from The X-Files on the guard, making her have to go to the bathroom. A second later, the three of them are inside the room. Rachel's looking at the bloodstains on the table and floor -- individual blood cells, in fact. She's so focused that she doesn't hear Bill come in, which they treat as normal. Bill has ballistics info: the bullet came from a .30 caliber rifle. That would seem to confuse them, until Rachel suddenly asks where a vent high on the wall leads.

Later, the Fab Four are up on the sniper's rooftop. Rosen shows up, and Rachel explains where the bullet came from -- out of the rifle, into a vent in the side of the building, through an airshaft, nicking the vent grate leading into the interrogation room, and into the victim's brain. Complete with slo-mo reenactment, of course. "You forgot about the bird that farted in New Jersey," Bill deadpans. Rosen wants evidence, and Nina comes up with a shell casing that matches the ballistics report. That's the good news. The bad news is that someone's taking photos of them all from a rooftop across the street. Too bad Rachel can't sense that.

Back at HQ, Rosen is explaining how they're looking for a "Hyperkinetic" -- someone with rare aptitude for stuff like this. Possibly also someone with a history of addiction or a criminal record. Bill, the ex-Fed, seems to think that's enough to start a proper investigation, so he's off to start that. "Whatever, Bill," Gary snipes at him on his way out, because of some comment Bill made a minute ago. "I have a bad attitude," Gary admits unrepentantly to Rosen.

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