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We Don't Need Another Heroes

So now everyone's doing their separate things in their offices. Rosen's listening to classic rock, Rachel's taking a close look at the bullet casing, Gary's channel-surfing, and Nina's...I don't know, willing the clock to go faster.

Elsewhere in Manhattan, Don meets Rosen in a record store, because Rosen is demanding more information about the case. Don's reluctant to share, but when Rosen threatens to quit, Don reveals, "Red Flag." Apparently they're an old terrorist group that used to do something with Alphas until they were shut down...but now they're back. Dun dun dun!

Bill's sitting at some plaza with an old Fed buddy, who apparently is his source for stuff like this. ("This" being "lists of athletes with military training and a history of PTSD.") The other guy wants to know what it's all about. "I'm rehearsing for Jeopardy,'" Bill says, forgetting to add the exclamation point. As he gets up to leave, the photographer is back, taking more photos. And it looks like the sniper from the cold open! It's not, but he looks like him, which is confusing.

Back at HQ, Bill sticks his head into Rachel's office to nab part of her cupcake. He seems to also have a superpower for touching other people's food, because we saw that earlier in the meeting. After Bill leaves, Rosen enters, and Rachel goes into a distracted recitation of her exam of the bullet casing before Rosen figures out what's bothering her and she starts unloading on Bill. Rosen admits Bill has "boundary issues" and suggests she take it up with Bill, which makes her pretty nervous. But back to the analysis, which suggests that the shooter is, in Rosen's words, "a jittery orange-eater from Norway?" Rachel pauses, then adds that between that, Bill's list, and other stuff, she's narrowed it down to 40 suspects. Rosen congratulates her, but Gary interrupts. Apparently he's just pulled a YouTube video out of the air so effectively that it stripped the logo right off its Web page. He shows it to them: It features a baseball pitcher who is one pitch from a perfect game, but on the last pitch the batter gets a hit. And yet the pitcher makes the grab, then throws the guy out by throwing the ball around the runner to the first baseman. The video ends with a nice look at the super-pitcher's jersey: Hicks, No. 7. And yes, that's the shooter from the beginning.

Cut to Bill and Nina staking out the grocery store, and Bill's pretty sure they've got the right guy. In addition to being "the highest-rated marksman in the history of the Corps," he's the dude from the beginning. Nina's not sure, because A) he's working at a grocery store, and B) he's hot. Bill would be happy to get into it with her, but Gary's in the back seat derailing the conversation. Like he does.

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